Writing Action Research Reports That People Will Want To Read (102 - 117)

  • Ng Kee Chuan
Keywords: action research, will want to read, like making a movie, interesting and engaging, works of fine art


Writing action research reports that people will want to read is a fine art. This paper contends that writing reports should be approached as one would in making a movie that people will want to watch and keep on watching. Even though reports are factual, yet creativity can be employed to transform a dry academic action research report into an interesting and engaging one. The techniques suggested are catchy titles, thriller-like abstracts that stir curiosity and interest, captivating opening points, metaphorical writing of narratives that colours a story with pictures and emotions like special effects and a true story that has many “stars” in it. The way we package the report like the fine-art of “movie-making” caters to the consumerism tendencies that all readers are already well-tutored to function in. I share candidly from my own still-unfolding story in writing such reports including examples from my own writings. My challenge to all of us who are action research writers is whether we will take the extra mile of squeezing the creative juice in us and shaping our reports into works of fine art that our readers can savour.


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