Element of Moral Intent in Theatre Forum: An Action Research in a Moral Education Class (1 - 14)

  • Nadarajan Thambu
  • Ganesan Shanmugavelu
Keywords: intention, Forum Theatre, anti-model, intervention, forums, action research, Moral Education


Elements of moral intent and its association with moral behavior always be an important subject of the study, among the moral psychologists. It is necessary to a person who wants to act morally, to: ​​(i) identify moral issues inherent in a situation or conflict, (ii) have the ability to take the right action and the best resolution in dealing with these conflicts, and finally (iii) willing and able to act morally on the decisions taken. Moral intent is alleged and become an underlying aspects of moral awareness, moral judgment and moral action. Therefore, this article discusses on the potential of Forum Theatre as a method of teaching to elicit element of moral intent among school students. About 18 girls and boys (three focus groups) of form Four, Moral Education classes have been used for the purpose of collecting data. Purposive sampling was used to select participants for the study. Classroom observation protocols, interview protocols and guidelines for journal writing used as a tools to collect data in qualitative manner. The findings indicated that Forum Theatre capable of eliciting the element of moral intent among participants. Elements of moral intent become a 'pressure' factor on the aspect of moral awareness, the ability to take moral decision and desire to act morally among participants.


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