• Cammellia Othman Universiti Technologi Mara
  • Jati Kasuma Universiti Technologi Mara
Keywords: School Climate, Teacher Commitment, Collegial Leadership, Teacher Professionalism


School climate plays an important role in a school. Good school climate will cause the teachers to feel safe, confident and happy and does not feel threatened to come and teach. Headmaster feels confident, friendly, simple, easy to find and be open and able to provide leadership. Pupils also have the friendship, feeling comfortable to learn and attend school. The interaction between these elements will determine whether the climate is in good condition or otherwise. This study aims to investigate the relationships, between school climate and teachers’ commitment with the assumption and predictability of key dimensions of school climate in relation to Collegial Leadership, Teacher Professionalism, Academic Press, and Institutional Vulnerability towards teacher commitment. The population of this study consisted of teachers from 5 National Primary Schools in the Sri Aman district with 131 respondents has been selected as a sample. Result revealed that the level of school climate and teachers’ commitment of the selected 5 primary schools is in moderate level. The school climate dimensions were
positively correlated with the teachers’ commitment and finally Achievement Press made a significant contribution to teachers’ commitment. Future research and recommendation also discussed at the end of the paper.


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