Growing Professionals in Science and Technology of Korea’s New Marine Industry Sector

  • Ki Won Han Marine Policy Division, The Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), Busan, Republic of Korea
  • Yohan An Tongmyong University, Busan, Republic of Korea
Keywords: New marine industry, Professionals, Science and Technology


With consideration to research nature, scope of available materials and industrial feature, we investigate cultivation of professionals in the three new marine industries such as marine energy, marine bio-industry and submarine hydrothermal deposits development. More specific, we investigate trends of marine science and technology manpower at the national level in Korea nurturing policy to forecast mid and long term expert manpower demand and to respond to trends and forecasts of major fields. Cultivation of necessary professionals is an essential prerequisite for growth of new marine industry and its contribution to national economy. Because the new marine industry was recently introduced, the established system and policies for professionals in science and technology did not reflect demand for this new industry, which requires improvement. Since new marine industry is a new field, it is difficult for customized talent to be supplied directly from existing manpower training system. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate talented people with fused thinking and ability. In the existing system, it is necessary to strengthen efforts to develop professional manpower with fusion competence, and it is also necessary to make policy efforts to build a new system such as cooperation process.


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