The Traditional Court Dances of Pura Pakualaman Facing the Era of Globalisationi

  • Agnes Maria Hermien Kusmayati
Keywords: court dances, learning strategy, developing, sustainability


The study discusses the traditional dances of Pura Pakualaman in the last two decades, by approaching qualitatively, with an intention of the facing the era of globalisation. Pura Pakualaman is one of the palaces in Java located in the Yogyakarta special region. In this palace, various dances are performed by men and women. Dances with gamelan are practiced in the afternoon every Monday and Thursday. There is no practice and performance during the fasting month.
A dance is always performed in the coronation of Prince Paku Alam. Court dances are performed at least twice a year, i.e. on the birthday of Prince Paku Alam and during the Idul Fitri reception. Sometimes the dances are performed on the birthday celebration of Prophet Muhammad, during the wedding ceremonies of Pakualaman family members, and to entertain special guests in the palace. Although many modern and contemporary dances are rapidly developing outside the palace, the traditional court dances of Pura Pakualaman still continue to be performed. They do not ‘give up’ or ‘lose’ when challenged by modern and contemporary dances that utilise various technologies in their performances. Today, many young people still practice and perform the Pura Pakualaman dances.


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