Author Guideline

Preparation of Manuscript

Authors are recommended to keep the structure of the journal that includes: Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References. This recommendation does not bind the authors but helps on the way to ease the understanding of the material and the publication. There are no limit in the number of pages and words. The text font is Times New Roman (size 12), single line spacing, justified and created in one column. All tables should be standardized, easy to be understood and adjusted to the column. Images, photographs and other illustrations should be in vector format or resolution that provides quality printing (600 dpi). Avoid using automatic numbering/bullets in the manuscript; the manuscript should be kept as simple as possible. The journal has the right to edit the illustration pre-printing, of which they consult or inform the author via e-mail. Lists of literature, as well as other forms of text formatting, will be accepted if they are made by the APA standard (American Psychological Association). For manuscript written in Malay Language, the authors need to also submit abstract in English.

It is recommended that authors to submit manuscript for proof reading first before submitting to JSSPE. Manuscript that fail to follow the general guidelines/or having too much errors in terms of language will be rejected without further submission.