Towards a Value Creation Model of Consumer Buying Behaviour in the Philippines Pop Music Industry

  • Jia Li College of Music, Shanxi Normal University, Linfen, Shanxi 041099, CHINA
Keywords: Inner stimuli, Outer Stimuli, Consumer Buying Behaviour, Music Industry


Increasing competition in the Philippines pop music industry demanded an investigation on consumer buying behaviour. Therefore, the study aims to determine the influence of inner and outer stimuli on consumer buying behaviour. Accordingly, 284 music buyers were sampled using random sampling at two music stores in SM Baguio City, Philippines and surveyed using a questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using regression analysis. This research concludes that value creation exists in the decision-making process of consumers. Every consumer behavior is a result of the interaction of marketing stimuli, environmental stimuli and self identity. Value creation is very important not only for marketing purpose but also for a more favorable and satisfying product choice combination which will enhance the extent of realizing customer’s self value. And all these will contribute to the gross value creation for the society we live in.The researcher would like to recommend future researchers who wish to make further study of this subject to expand environmental stimuli to environmental factors outside marketing and constrict marketing stimuli to factors that are related to marketing and add more variables to be included that will show differences among the subjects or respondents. This may include social-economic factors, which can also be a significant predictor of consumer behavior in the music industry.


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