Metodologi Hadis dalam Karya Al-Bayan Pada Ta’wil Ayat-Ayat Al-Quran Karangan Abdul Aziz Salam

The Methodology of Hadith Writing in Al-Bayan Pada Ta’wil Ayat-Ayat Al-Quran by Abdul Aziz Salam

  • Wahyu Hidayat Abdullah Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • Muhammad Mustaqim Mohd Zarif Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • Mohamad Rozaimi Ramle Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Keywords: Quranic Exegesis, Methodology, Hadith, Perak, Abdul Aziz Salam


The production of the Islamic religious works in the Malay World prior to the 20th century covers almost all aspects of the religion, although most efforts were mainly concentrated on the fields of creed, jurisprudence and Sufism. Other aspects of the religion were often assimilated contextually through one of these three fields and rarely produced separately. Similarly, in the case of the Prophetic hadith, its utilization as an authoritative and primary source of the religion was mostly integrated through the discourses in the other religious works including Quranic exegesis, creed, jurisprudence, Sufism and others, and not many independent works on hadith as a subject were produced. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss the issues and methods of hadith writing and utilization in a work on Quranic exegesis composed by Abdul Aziz Salam (d. 1978) entitled al-Bayan pada Ta’wil Ayat-ayat al-Quran. This qualitative study adopts the historical and textual analysis methods as well as the criteria of hadith appraisal as stipulated in the field of mustalah al-hadith. The findings provide a comprehensive overview on the issues of hadith utilization and selection in the work, and highlight its significance as an important exegetical work produced in the state of Perak, Malaysia in the 20th century.


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