Editor Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of members of the Editorial Board include: 

Screening the submitted manuscripts for possible publication in SIBAWAYH Journal.

The Editor may reject the manuscript without further review because of redundancy with recent material, or the manuscript quality didn’t match with the standard of SIBAWAYH Journal. 

Responsibility on technical features 

The Editor should ensure that every technical aspect of the manuscript is fulfilled by the author(s) before proceeding to reviewing process. Factors that must be considered in this section include the manuscript format, quality and size of figures and tables, and proofreading. The manuscript needs to be proofread for proper Arabic language vocabulary usage, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall style by the authors Proofreading Services. 

Responsibility on ethical policies 

Manuscript checks will be done on plagiarism, multiple submission of the same article to other journals, or disagreements related to various aspects of authorship. 

Managing the peer review of a manuscript 

The Editor need to manage the peer review process of the manuscript. This process includes from finding appropriate peer reviewers, communicate with the authors and reviewers through the e-mail and manage the repeated reviews. Also, the manuscript will be handled by the Editor until it reaches publication stage. 

Finding appropriate peer reviewers 

Searching for potential reviewers is the task of the editor. Kindly provide for each potential reviewer, their title, full name, e-mail address and full contact information. A minimum of 2 reviewers are needed to carry out the reviewing process. 

Deciding the final decision on the revised manuscript 

Once peer review is completed by peer reviewers or editorial board, the Editor has to determine whether the decisions to accept, reject, or the revision needs to be done again. If revision, the editor has to inform the corresponding author the full details of revision. 

Keeping all the information confidential 

Please note that you must keep all the information we share with you in the strictest confidence. 

Play a role as a strategic planner 

Editors should anticipate having their journals recognized for their excellence. Therefore the Editors should play a vital role as a strategic planner for SIBAWAYHJournal by help suggest methods towards improving, planning future direction and ensuring an ever-increasing readership of SIBAWAYH Journal.