About the Journal

The publication of Jurai Sembah (e-ISSN 2716-5523) aims to expand and create innovations in the concepts, theories, paradigms, perspectives and methodologies of research and learning of performing arts that are cross-field and cross-cultural. Published twice a year, the journal contains the results of original conceptual investigation and field research.  The features of the journal are its thematic publications, innovative approaches as well as cross-cultural and cross-field learning in performing arts. Thematic studies aimed to elicit a new conceptual nuance arising from the combination of several different articles, to present the uniformity of issues, conceptual and methodological uniformity and to illustrate abstract concepts in the performing arts.

All articles published in Jurai Sembah were PEER-REVIEWED by double blind reviewers as well as independent Editor by JURAI SEMBAH Editorial Members. Decisions regarding the publication of a manuscript were based on JURAI SEMBAH Editorial Board's recommendations.