• Mariam Ahmad Maulana Ahmad Maulana
  • Nor’ashiqin Mohd Idrus
Keywords: Metacognitive strategies, metacognitive skills, word problems


This research was done to determine which group of students used metacognitive strategies frequently when answering word problems; and to observe metacognitive skills behavior among the groups by using time line graphs. This quantitative research was carried out in one secondary school in Batang Padang involving form four students.  Students were divided into three groups, which are higher achievers; middle achievers and lower achievers based on their pretest scores and teacher reference. The instrument used in this research is a test that consists of word problems in quadratic equation. The metacognitive strategies used were assessed from the administered test while the researchers identified metacognitive skills behavior portrayed by students while answering the test by observation. Data was collected from an answer sheet and metacognitive strategies assessment.  Students’ responses to the metacognitive red flag questions also had become indicator of the presence of metacognitive strategies used by the students while solving mathematical word problems. The outcomes of the research show that higher achiever group is the group that use metacognitive skills frequently when answering word problems.


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Ahmad Maulana, M. A. M., & Mohd Idrus, N. (2019). METACOGNITIVE STRATEGIES IN QUADRATIC EQUATION WORD PROBLEM. Jurnal Pendidikan Sains Dan Matematik Malaysia, 3(2), 1-12. Retrieved from