Vol. 4 No. 2 (2023): Jurai Sembah

The articles of this issue collectively explore the preservation and promotion of cultural and artistic expressions within various contexts. (1) Dayang Siti Hazar's research emphasizes the dynamic nature of preserving Malay traditional arts, particularly Mak Yong, by adapting to modern influences while maintaining cultural heritage. (2) Dewa Ngakan Made Ari Putra Taman Bali and I Made Christian Wiranata Rediana examine cross-cultural traditions between Korea and Bali, highlighting collaborative performances that celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations. Their study showcases the fusion of traditional Korean and Balinese arts, promoting mutual understanding and cultural diplomacy​​. (3) Dani's article explores Walter Spies' role in documenting and promoting Balinese performing arts through photography. This interdisciplinary study reveals how Spies' efforts transformed cultural expressions into valuable assets within the creative economy, enhancing the global recognition and economic viability of Balinese arts​​. (4) Warih Handayaningrum and colleagues investigate Sanggar Pendopo Agung Ronggo Hadinegoro's efforts in conserving local arts and promoting local culture. Their findings suggest that well-managed art studios significantly contribute to cultural heritage preservation, local creative industry development, and cultural tourism​​. (5) I Made Bayu Pramana and Amrita Nugraheni Saraswaty delve into the economic implications of preserving Balinese cultural traditions through performing arts. They highlight Walter Spies' collaborative journey in documenting and reviving Balinese arts, emphasizing the balance between cultural authenticity and economic potential in a globalized world​​. Together, these articles illustrate the importance of preserving traditional arts through adaptive strategies, cross-cultural collaboration, and effective management, ensuring their continued relevance and appreciation in modern society.

Published: 2023-12-31