Phytochemical study of stem bark from Alstonia spathulata Bl. (Apocynaceae) (8 - 15)

  • Tee Chuan Thing
  • Lee Yean Shan
  • Tan Siow Ping
  • Khalijah Awang
  • Mohd Azlan Nafiah
  • Kartini Ahmad
Keywords: Phytochemical, Alstonia spathulata, bark extracts, hexane, chromatography, 1D-NMR, 2D-NMR


In Malaysia, Alstonia spathulata Bl. is locally known as ‘Pulai Basong’ which distributein peat forest. The separation of the chemical components from hexane and DCM crudeextract of Alstonia spathulata was carried out using column chromatography (CC) andthin layer chromatography (TCL) techniques. A total of five known compound wereisolated from the stem bark extracts and identified as: β-amyrin, β-amyrin acetate, lupeolacetate, stigmasterol and β-sitosterol. The elucidation structures of these compounds wereestablished using 1D-NMR (1H, 13C and DEPT) and 2D-NMR (COSY, HSQC, HMBC)spectroscopic analysis, involving also comparison with data from the literature.


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Thing, T., Shan, L., Ping, T., Awang, K., Nafiah, M., & Ahmad, K. (2014). Phytochemical study of stem bark from Alstonia spathulata Bl. (Apocynaceae) (8 - 15). EDUCATUM Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology, 1(2), 8-15. Retrieved from