Vol. 8 No. 4 (2021): Special Issue 2/2021: Reengineering Educational Technology for a Sustainable Future

In this special issue, we published the articles from the 5th International Conference on ICT in Education, 2021 (ICTE 2021). This conference, mainly to provide a platform to share and disseminate knowledge and information pertaining to the latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research, especially research that focuses on education. The themes covered in this special issue are: 1) borderless learning through ICT); 2) ICT innovations and technologies in education); 3) AR, VR and mixed reality for teaching and learning), and 4) ICT education in primary and secondary schools, and tertiary institutions. This conference is an ongoing effort by the Department of Computing, Faculty of Art, Computing, and Creative Industry (FSKIK), Sultan Idris Educational University (UPSI).

Published: 2021-12-23

Editorial Notes