Allegory Images with Text in Painting Toward The Political Context and Human Consciousness

Imej Alegoris dengan Teks dalam Karya Catan ke Arah Konteks Politik dan Kesedaran Manusia

  • Muhammad Abul Hasnat
  • Mohd Zahuri Khairani
Keywords: Allegory, text,, image, human consciousness and politics


This paper addresses the visual interpretation of human consciousness through the political culture. This paper analyzes the combined text and allegorical image in the painting is the easiest for viewer's understanding and plays an effective role to increase human consciousness on the political context. This research points out the allegorical symbolic image and text gets complementary advantages, reason and sensibility bring out the best in each other, which improves the effect of the information transmission and can inspire people to take the initiative to accept information of interest. Though from ancient time to contemporary periods, text and image combination have been creatively pursued and explored in many ways by visual artists. The combined process of allegorical symbolic image and text focuses on artistic practices in my artworks different way, such as “Strategic composition format” and “Two in one format” which expands new approach to contemporary art and appropriate to express political issues.


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