Perkembangan Pendidikan orang Melayu di Malaya sebelum kemunculan Western-Type-Education

The educational development of the Malays in Malaya before the Emergence of Western-Type-Education

  • Ramli Saadon Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • Khairi Ariffin Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • Ishak Saat Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Keywords: education, Malays, socialization, Islam, the Holy Quran, colonial


This article relates to the development of education of the Malays before the entry of the secular education system introduced by the colonial British. Education for the Malays before the arrival of British colonial is very strongly bound to the traditional education pattern that adheres to the concept of education in the form of socialization; and education process that emphasizes the religious teachings of Islam. The production of this article is to study the development of education among the Malays in Malaya which were divided into informal education, religious education, boarding schools and madrasah education. This study is based on the reviewed articles and validation of results from references of primary document sourcess as well as secondary sources from the Department of National Archives and Library of the Institute of Public Higher Education Malaysia. The findings of this article have shown that the Malays had its own educational system and education among those is focused on the study of Islam that is based on the Holy Quran and Hadith. Overall, this article has shown that before the advent of British colonization, the Malay community has had a religious education system that enabled them to continue their studies in the Middle East. However, the British colonial perceived that the education among the Malays were not advanced and developed due to their prejudice towards the Malays at that time.


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Saadon, R., Ariffin, K., & Saat, I. (2016). Perkembangan Pendidikan orang Melayu di Malaya sebelum kemunculan Western-Type-Education. Perspektif Jurnal Sains Sosial Dan Kemanusiaan, 8(2), 79 - 96. Retrieved from

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