Exploring filipino teachers’ professional workload

  • Inero Ancho Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines
  • Roxanne Bongco Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines
Keywords: Workload, Teachers, Filipino Teacher Mandates, Teacher Welfare, Phenomenology


Teaching, which is often regarded as a noble profession, is not without sacrifices and time is among these sacrifices. Global data supports that teachers tend to work beyond the official working hours, more than any other professionals in the world. Similarly, teacher groups in the Philippines claim that the teacher workload is compromising the professionals’ wellbeing. The main purpose of this study is to explore how teachers get the work done, with emphasis on those professionals working in small barangay schools in the province. However, in spite of such issues, teachers were found to be matching such issues with strategizing, inspired work, and professional commitment. Finally, the paper concludes that while it is admirable how teachers match the struggles with positive attitude, it would still be ideal to explore means of ‘getting the work done’ without compromising the teachers’ physiological well-being, personal lives, and professional self-concept.


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