Repetition and Accumulation

Pengulangan dan Pengumpulan

  • Mohd Fauzi Sedon
  • Tajul Shuhaizam Said
  • Harozila Ramli
Keywords: repetition, accumulation, variation, infinity


Artists have explored the concept of repetition and accumulation in variety of different forms to represent various contexts: visually, emotionally and psychologically. Kusama’s work especially in relation to the structure of forms and elements where the use of infinite, repetitive elements, multiple image reflection and the effect of colours in creating large scale installation have strongly influenced and changed our perception and emotion. Infinite variation of geometric repetitive system of shape and form is the central of Sol LeWitt practices which in combinations offer infinitely variable omposition. Meanwhile, Gower has a long career in working with collage using recycled materials to form repetitive pattern that produced active optical experience. Repetition through continuous activities is the major theme of Kawara’s work where he translates the daily routine into the representation of social life.


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