Exploring 21st Century Skills of Children in Digital Game Storytelling Design Process (82 - 96)

  • Laili Farhana Md Ibharim
  • Maizatul Hayati Mohamad Yatim
  • Md Nasir Masran
Keywords: children games, 21st century skills, design process, game-based learning, digital game storytelling


The aim of this study is to identify and understand the children’s skills in digital game storytelling design process using Tablet. The study focused on three elements of 21st century skills namely i) learning and innovation skills; ii) information, media and technology skills; and iii) life and career skills. The researcher conducted convergent parallel design with the combination of qualitative and quantitative data simultaneously. The qualitative data were collected through and observation checklist with video recording and photographs, interview checklists with voice recording and portfolio evaluation. The quantitative data were shown as descriptive statistics to identify the skills involved during the design process. This study was conducted at a primary school in Kuala Kangsar involving 20 Year 4 pupils asparticipants. The data were analyzed through qualitative categorizing and thematic analysis supported by quantitative descriptive statistics using interactive triangulation method. The findings show that 21st century skills in the digital game storytelling design process can be measured and evaluated based on time, experience and elements of digital game story telling design. The implications of this study indicate that digital game storytelling design activity should be recommended in training and highlighting the potential skills of children in line with the educational needs of the 21st century.


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Md Ibharim, L. F., Mohamad Yatim, M. H., & Masran, M. N. (2015). Exploring 21st Century Skills of Children in Digital Game Storytelling Design Process (82 - 96). EDUCATUM Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology, 2(1), 82-96. Retrieved from https://ejournal.upsi.edu.my/index.php/EJSMT/article/view/31

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