• Rosnidar Mansor
  • Aslina Ahmad
  • Nik Azmah Nik Yusuff
Keywords: Building noble character,, extracurricular, school, model


Multifaceted crisis of morality is now spreading, spread in society, especially among teenagers and school children. Disciplinary problems among school children is not a new issue and often unnoticed by all parties. The involvement of students in a variety of disciplinary problems is certainly a negative impact not only on the academic performance of the students but also an obstacle to the government's desire to form a human capital with superior character. Therefore, this study aims to identify how students define noble character can be built through extracurricular activities in three different types of schools. A total of 32 respondents’ consisting of students and teachers of primary and secondary schools who are involved in extracurricular activities at school. Survey research with semi-structured interviews as the main instrument used. The findings show that students with noble character refer to students who have the balanced characteristics (academic and non-academic), personality and attitudes, good appearances and soft skills. Findings also found that teachers and students know that extracurricular activities in schools can build student noble character. However, only a certain number of teachers able to use extracurricular activities in solving students discipline problem. Based on the approach used by the schools, researchers have managed to build the model of noble character building through extracurricular activities.


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Mansor, R., Ahmad, A., & Nik Yusuff, N. A. (2019). STUDENT EXCELLENT CHARACTER BUILDING THROUGH CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (1 - 12). Jurnal Pendidikan Bitara UPSI, 9(1), 1-12. Retrieved from

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