Augmented Reality for the Disabled: Review Articles

  • Ghailan A. Alshafeey UPSI
  • Muhammad Modi Lakulu UPSI
  • M.A. Chyad UPSI
  • Alamoodi Abdullah UPSI
  • Garfan Salem UPSI
Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR), education, disability, student


Augmented Reality or "AR" has been recognized for its significant importance in different areas of technology, not to mention its significant presence in the education sector. This research aimed to map the relevant literature on AR usage with the aim of rehabilitating people with disabilities. The search was performed on three databases: Science Direct, IEEE Explore and Web of Science from 2013 to 2018. . Based on our inclusion and exclusion criteria, (n=13) articles were selected. Seven of the studies (n=7/13) intellectual disability. Six of the studies (n=6/6) physical disability. The basic idea of this article is to measure the size of the virtual environment utilization in order to rehabilitate the disabled, in addition to the ability of modern technology to restore people with disabilities to normal life and integration into society. This research is expected to display the current literature in this area and to increase the understanding of this research field.

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