Analysis of Validity and Reliability of Survey Self-Assessment Scale-PEER (SPKK-RS) (1 - 22)


  • Mohammad Aziz Shah Mohamed Arip


Analysis of validity and reliability, survey self-assessment scale, peer, Multidimensional Self-Concept, Inferred Self-Concept Scale


The aim of this study is to determine the validity and reliability of the construction of Self-Concept Evaluation Scale-Peer Observation (SCES-PO) questionnaires. SCES-PO is to be used to measure one’s self-concept based on his behavior at school through peer observation. The construction of SCES-PO was based on Multidimensional Self-Concept (MSCM) by Bracken (1992, 1996) and Inferred Self-Concept Scale (ISCS) questionnaire by Mcdaniel (1986). This research went through three phrases commencing with the construction of items based on the literary investigation. About 42 items were constructed to represent six constructs of self-concept which are Social Self-Concept (SSC-8 items), Ability Self-Concept (ASC – 8 items), Affective Self-Concept (AFSC – 8 items), Academic Self-Concept (ACSC – 8 items), Family Self-Concept (FSC-8 items) and Physical Self-Concept (PSC – 8 items). Phase II focused on the validity of SCES-PO questionnaire comprising face validity, content validity (by experts), correlation reliability and factor analysis. Phase III was carried out to test the reliability of SCES-PO questionnaire. The result revealed that SCES-PO has high validity and reliability value. However, only 19 items are accepted and have been grouped into 4 constructs of self-concept, which are Social Self-Concept (SSC – 5 items), Academic Self-Concept (ACSC – 5 items), Family Self-Concept (FSC – 6 items) and Physical Self-Concept (PSC – 3 items). Implications and suggestions are discussed at the end of the paper.


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