Investigating Issues of Social Reality in the Visual Arts

Mengkaji Isu Realiti Sosial dalam Seni Visual

  • Mohammed Baker Al-Abbas
  • Mohd Fauzi Sedon
Keywords: social reality, visual arts


The middle-eastern artworks exhibited at the Singapore Biennale reflect contrasting notions of what is art, produced in cultures that are equally diverse. The Arab spring has left an indelible impact on the region, spreading from the Maghreb to Iran both in term of politics and art. Individual artist using whatever available materials at hand deals with the social realities, economic hardships and political constraints that pose huge challenges to art historians to posit meaning on any given artwork, selfportraits, or installations, juggling between stereotypical and authentic criticism.


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Al-Abbas, M. B., & Sedon, M. F. (2019). Investigating Issues of Social Reality in the Visual Arts. KUPAS SENI: Jurnal Seni Dan Pendidikan Seni, 3. Retrieved from

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