Conceptual Knowledge Of Fractions Among Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers (12 - 22)


  • Mazlini Adnan
  • Effandi Zakaria


Conceptual knowledge, fractions, pre-service teachers


The main purpose of this study is to analyze conceptual knowledge of fractions among pre-service teachers. Three hundred and seventeen (317) respondents consisting of pre-service teachers from six Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) which are Government Public Universities were involved in this survey study. Conceptual knowledge was measured using a test of conceptual knowledge (TCK) focusing on the topic of fractions. Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis. Results of the analysis indicate that the mean score of these pre service teachers’ conceptual knowledge is good (77.0 %). The results also show that the mean of addition operation (3.32) is the highest compared with the subtraction (3.15), multiplication (2.84) and division (2.73) operations. This shows that the teachers need more stimulus to build their conceptual knowledge especially in the operations of multiplication and division.


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Adnan, M., & Zakaria, E. (2012). Conceptual Knowledge Of Fractions Among Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers (12 - 22). Jurnal Pendidikan Sains Dan Matematik Malaysia, 2(1), `12–22. Retrieved from

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